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   ojai guacamole & chips                    

   salsa roja & chips        

   jalapeno poppers  filled with goat cheese + red pepper sauce  3 or 5  small or large

     caesar      choice of  organic parmesan or cashew cheese   1/2  or full


    veggie burger & mix green salad      

veggie & lentil patty with cheese, tomato, onion,  veganaise & banana chutney on sourdough bread    sub corn tortillas, cabbage leaves or sun oven gf bread   


thick corn tortilla  topped with grilled potatoes,  onions & peppers, cheese, salsa roja, ahi cilantro sauce & crema (vegan option with red pepper sauce)


              hand shaped corn sopitas (3) topped with beans, cheese, pico de gallo

              and avocado served with spanish brown rice and fermented mexi-kraut

     fresh corn tamale

              topped with a saute for veggies and  cheese, on a bed of chile roja sauce

      swiss chard enchilada*       

corn tortillas, our farm-grown chile-pumpkin seed sauce with cheese, swiss chard, squash, red onion

     quesadilla*               ask for pico de gallo      
plain as can be,  2 corn tortillas on the griddle with choice of cheese

      all of the above made with jack cheese       *ask for vegan cashew cheese                                    


3 corn tortillas rolled around cashew cheese & fried in  served on a bed of luscious mole

     goat cheese & veggie tacos    

2 handmade corn tortillas with goat cheese and a saute of shiitakes, squash, tomato, grilled peppers & onions   topped with aji cilantro sauce, red pepper sauce and a sprinkle of goat cheese


all plates come with  spanish brown  rice,
fermented mexi-kraut and pinto beans;

      farmers plate                    

a bowl of beans served with  2 handmade corn  tortillas and salsa roja or pico de gallo  choice of jack cheese or cashew cheese  

            choice of fermented mexi-kraut or rice  or a little of both
       burrito                            add avo   

Leonilla’s flour tortilla +  beans, rice, grilled onions & peppers, pico de gallo & fermented Mexi-kraut   choice of jack cheese or cashew cheese

     raw tacos                         add avo 

cabbage leaves filled with walnut & sun dried tomato croquettes topped with cashew -cilantro “cream”,  mixed greens, pico de gallo & carrots        

    good food for kids                                  

cheese quesadilla & apple slices

grilled cheese & apple slices

p,b&j  +   apple slices  

small burrito- beans, rice and cheese & apple slices

     if it is wednesday it is   nut loaf day  

with mashed potatoes, shiitake gravy, salad            (ask for vegan)  


beans, rice  or  fermented cabbage salad    8 oz each

2 corn tortillas        order of chips              guacamole  small or large

sauces   pico de gallo,  lupe’s spicy,  mole,  chile roja

salad bar    self-serve    


soup   self serve     or         to-go            + bread  and butter


all ingredients used to prepare your meals are organically grown,
occassionally we need to make a non-organic exception



           menu          t night

daily from 11 am to 8:30 pm     

805  640 9608  

 photos by cortney wilson