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Not Much Reason To Talk About The Obvious

September 17, 2014


F  O  R  A  G  E  R


So we won’t indulge ourselves and bleat about the heat.

Instead we take you now to the headquarters of The Environmental Truth Brigade. The ETB was founded in the early 1970s in order to provide a reasonable alternative perspective regarding The Crisis. Forty years ago The Crisis was received as theory and generally ignored. Malthusians and mathematicians interested in the human carrying capacity of the Earth’s resources, and ecologists, oceanographers and atmospheric scientists who postulated that human activity might eventually alter the planet’s temperature made brave stands against the approved wisdom. Decades later the approved wisdom now authenticates what was once poppycock, but we’ve baked the cake a bit too long. The Environmental Truth Brigade called out for years from a wilderness on the outskirts of Denial, barely heard amid the printing of money and the drilling, hidden by the smoky belchings, far removed from the mechanical ravagings of wilderness and beguiled by the blasé pursuit of genuinely unnecessary stuff.

However, these truths the Brigade insisted upon were true in 1974 and that was the year, unfortunately, that vast and authoritarian changes were needed. As if! 1975 was mathematically too late! The key argument centered on population. The Brigade acknowledged that altering the drilling and the belchings and mechanical ravagings of the wilderness and end the accumulation of mountains of discardables was probably not feasible. Too many demands to make. Too many arguments to create, when there was one really big solution. If there were just fewer people, then they would do less damage.  The Pope didn’t get the memo.




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